Bent rims not only compromise the look of your vehicle’s exterior, but they can also compromise your safety. Additionally, they contribute to increased tire wear, decreased gas mileage, vibration and even the possibility of a dangerous blowout when you least expect it. A bent rim or bent wheel does not have to be a death sentence for your vehicle or your wallet.

Rim Recon’s repair center offers affordable wheel straightening services to get you back on the road fast. We can straighten bent aluminum, steel, chrome and alloy wheels up to 24” in diameter when it is convenient for you. Our trained technicians have the equipment and the know-how to make your bent rims a thing of the past.


Hitting a pothole may not only bend your rim, but also may cause a hairline cracks which causes your rim to leak air. Although usually cracks are on the inside of the rim, sometimes the impact is so hard that an entire chunk of the face is broken off! Using TIG welding combined with our trained welders, digitized machining, we can restore your rims and repair them for a fraction of the price of buying a new one.

CNC Rim Repair


Our CNC machining specialists have the skills and experience needed to provide you with exceptional service. Precision computerized machine tools enable Rim Recon+ to safely trim the repaired surfaces of a rim without affecting the strength. Such machining is done to smooth out welded areas and to enhance the original finish of the wheel. All wheels requiring machining are inspected and must meet our “safety to repair” criteria.


Uncorrected vibrations will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. Rim Recon + will take your wheels and fix this issue with our straightening service. We will restore most out of round or bent wheels back to balanceable trueness in one hour or less.

Along with our convenient Mobile Rim Shine, Rim Recon+ also operates a full-service rim refinishing and repair shop in Alton, Illinois. Our shop is equipped to handle powder coating, welding, polishing, rim straightening, rim customizing, curb damage, complete refinishing, cosmetic repair. Rim Recon+ is the proven leader in full-service rim repair and restoration.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 Am – 5 PM
Saturday by appointment only

Method of Payment
We accept: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard
A 50% deposit is required for all O.E. Replacements ordered.

Service Areas
Our mobile service area includes the Metro-St. Louis area.