Professional Rim Repair & Refinishing  – Minor to Full Restoration

Rim Recon+ is your one-stop shop for wheel refinishing. We can take care of all of your refinishing needs from minor fixes to full restoration. We are capable of repairing bends, cracks, curb rash as well as CNC wheels (also know as machined). We offer a quick turnaround on most wheels including machined finished and hyper silvers.

Our shop features a state of the art powder coating station for all purposes. We also provide full-service polishing wheels, bike frames, brakes, headers, and manifolds and much more.

We guarantee your satisfaction offering the utmost quality and a 24 – 48 hour turnaround.
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Rim Straightening • Rim Refinishing • Powder Coating • Hydrographic Dipping • Polished Wheels • CNC Lathe  • Custom Finishes • Cosmetic Rim Repair • Curb Damage • Mobile Rim Repair • Bent Rim Repair • Curb Damage Repair

We Will Make Your Rims Look New Again! 



Rim Straightening • CNC Lathe • Tig Welding
Cracked Rims • Curb Damage

Rim Recon+ can repair damage from potholes, curbs, road hazards and debris can cause bends to the inner and/or outer lip of a wheel. If left uncorrected, it will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. Read More


We Come to Your Dealership

Mobile Rim Shine is the new standard in wheel maintenance. Our wheel polishing machine can polish a wheel while on the vehicle.  Now you can have your wheels looking immaculate all year round while minimizing the cost to your business. We know minimizing downtime is the most effective way to save you money. Read More


Powder Coating • Hydrographic Dipping
Custom Finishes • Polishing

Restore your wheels to look as new! Give your car a new personality with a splash of custom color – from matte black to gloss white, and every color of the rainbow in between. We can also use hydrographic dipping to add images and textures to your rims or many other items. Read More


Call us today to schedule your rim repair or upgrade! 

Call us today to schedule your rim repair or upgrade!